The Chicago Urban League is Hiring

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The Chicago Urban League is currently recruiting 
for part-time summer mentors and full-time mentors within our 
Human Capital & Workforce Development Departments! 


Please see below full job descriptions for both opportunities and share this information with any interested applicants.  To apply, applicants should email their resume directly to the Chicago Urban League's Human Resources Department at


Job Description: 


Part-Time Summer Mentor (eight positions available)- Workforce Development Department

City of Chicago's Green Corps Summer Program (Temporary Assignment)


This position is primarily responsible for serving as an advocate/role model, who is committed to supporting and guiding youth students involved in the GreenCorps Summer Program with the City of Chicago.



  • Be at least 24 years of age
  • Have some experience in biking and horticulture
  • Be able to communicate effectively and administer the program policies and procedures to students including tracking daily attendance and participation
  • Able to identify and provide necessary support to youth to stay positive and focused
  • Available to lead activities such as soft skills trainings on personal and professional development
  • Assist instructors with all educational and curriculum activities
  • Be flexible in learning field based activities gaining ability to provide technical assistance for completion of projects
  • Willing and interested in outdoor work and engaging in physical labor.
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude working in a high intensity environment; taking the lead in supporting youth students through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship.
  • Possess the ability to establish a relationship with youth students based on mutual trust, respect, and collegiality; while providing encouragement, challenge, and guidance
  • Able to help and encourage youth learn about resources, procedures, school curricula standards; students' needs, school policies, regulations and schedules
  • Participate in three-way conferences with parents, educational institutions, and youth students when necessary
  • Provide written and oral feedback and encourages self-reflection.
  • Ability to write and maintain daily and weekly case notes and reports and submits when required
  • Able to assist other mentors with goal-setting/personal development plans.
  • Responsible for providing opportunities for peer observations, including specific objectives and follow-up discussions
  • Able to perform other duties and special projects and participates in on/off site or company-wide projects as assigned or needed. 




To perform the job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactory. 



This position requires a High School Diploma or equivalent; preferred bachelor's degree in Human Services, Education, Psychology, Social Work or a related field; at least three to five years of related experiences; or a combination of training, education, and experience is required.  Knowledge of youth development, developmental assets, and strength based frameworks.  Knowledge of principles and techniques of social work, case management, crisis intervention, client-centered counseling, and group facilitation.  Must have the ability to maintain a flexible work schedule and willingness to travel as required by the essential job duties and responsibilities; must be able to make a 10-week commitment; able to spend at least twenty-five (25) hours per week one-to-one and group with youth students; able to maintain confidential information; make weekly contact with program staff and communicate regularly; be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures; be interested in working with young adults; be dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments; attend mentor training sessions as prescribed; submit activity information daily, and take constructive feedback regarding mentoring activities; and be willing to complete the application and must pass screening process.


Interested Applicants:


For consideration for the part-time summer mentor position, please email your resume directly to the Human Resources Department at


Job Description: 


Full-Time Mentor -(one position available) Part-Part Summer Mentor (five positions available) 

 Human Capital Department


This is a full time position that requires above average organizational and time-management skills, excellent oral communication and people skills, computer knowledge and an interest in helping youth and adults become self-sufficient.


Mentors must speak the same native language as their mentee and, ideally, reside in the same community as the mentee. The professional must be willing to participate in training as required, willing to travel, and attend Chicago Urban League events and related activities as necessary, including weekdays, evenings and weekends.  He/she would work closely with the Job Developer, Teachers Assistances, Cognitive Behavior Instructors SEL Instructors and reports to the Program Director.



  • Manage a caseload of mentees and play a dual role in establishing a meaningful relationship with program participants while reinforcing the development of skills and knowledge that they gain through participation in the Urban Youth Connection Program (UYC).
  • Recruit participants as mentee for the UYC.
  • Ensure program participants are fully engaged in the program by monitoring work site attendance and punctuality and insuring participants have a successful work experience. 
  • Provide appropriate guidance to program participants to ensure successful program participation, and provide assistance to both the participants and worksite employers if questions and conflicts arise.
  • Assist youth in any areas that may be contributing to their aggressive behavior, lack of engagement, or underachievement, including without limitation, academic difficulties; deficiencies in personal, emotional or social development; gang activity; substance abuse; economic hardships; and family trouble.
  • Create detailed written summaries for each participant case file of each meeting with program participant including day, time and location of each meeting and status of participant progress. 
  • Ensure program files include, at minimum, program eligibility documentation; employability assessment scorecard, evidence of outcomes attained, referrals made and documentation of support services provided by program (e.g. clothing, transportation, etc.) to ensure retention in the program.
  • Provide close out reporting information to Program Director upon request.  Information will include, but not be limited to, participant worksite location, total hours worked, completion status, and reason for not completing work assignment or program, evaluations by participants of their experience and evaluations by supervisors of the youth.
  • Conduct weekly peer focus group meetings with program participants.
  • Use expanded knowledge of community resources and help participants utilize resources. 
  • Work collaboratively with community resources/CUL staff to help problem solve issues in participant's service utilization. 
  • Work within grant and program requirements including meeting timelines and reporting requirements. 



This position requires the individual to work closely with the Job Developer, Program Director, CB Instructors and SEL Instructors. He/she must possess great attention to detail and have strong organizational skills. This individual must understand, maintain, uphold the mission and vision of the Chicago Urban League.




An ideal candidate will possess a MSW or Master's Degree in a related field.  This may be substituted with a bachelor's degree and 5+ years of related experience. Good computer skills are needed; must be professional, mature and willing to be a stable role model.

All mentors of the Chicago Urban League are mandated reporters under Illinois laws protecting children against abuse and required to undergo a background check prior to employment.


Interested Applicants:


For consideration for the full-time and part-time mentor positions, please email your resume directly to the Human Resources Department at