Community Policing and Faith-Based Outreach

Peer Jury Program Overview 

The Peer Jury program operates under the auspices of the Chicago Police Department. It is designed to provide a meaningful and remedial method of dealing with selected juvenile (under the age of 17) offenders without having those offender referred to the Juvenile Court of Cook County. The Peer Jury does not determine the guilt or innocence of the offender. The Peer Jury determines the appropriate disposition in a manner that effectively hold the juveniles accountable for their actions in accordance with the Balanced and Restorative Justice principals. A case is sent to the Peer Jury if it is appropriate for the offense committed and only when specific conditions are met which include: the juvenile admits to having committed the offense; the offense is a non-violent misdemeanor; the parent/guardian agrees to attend Peer Jury and abide by the findings of the Peer Jury. This is in accordance with the Illinois Juvenile Court Act 705 ILCS 405/5-301 (2).

Detective Phyllis Little – Coordinator
Phone: (312) 747-3948

11th District Men's Club

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The Law Project

The Law Project (TLP) provides legal services to community-based organizations by matching them with qualified attorneys to fulfill those needs. The representation received from the volunteer attorneys is free of charge, although there may be costs such as filing fees and closing costs, which are the responsibility of the organization. TLP staff will serve as an ongoing resource throughout the representation.

This packet also contains information on Executive Pardons; 
Criminal Identity Theft; and on Certificates of Innocence, Good Conduct, and Relief from Disabilities 

Police District Information

10th District Police Information

Map of the 10th District

Maria Pena, Commander
3315 West Ogden Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623
Phone: 312-747-7511
Fax: 312-747-7429
TTY: 312-747-7471

11th District Police Information

James O'Grady, Commander
3151 West Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 312-746-8386
Fax: 312-746-4281

12th District Police Information

Melissa A. Staples, Commander
1412 S. Blue Island
Chicago, IL 60608-2112
Phone: 312-746-8396
Fax: 312-746-9480
TTY: 312-746-9868

15th District Police Information

Barbara West, Commander
5701 West Madison Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
Phone: 312-743-1440
Fax: 312-743-1366
TTY: 312-743-1485
The Court Advocacy Program

The Court Advocacy program is an integral part of CAPS. Each of the 25 police districts has a Court Advocacy Subcommittee. With input gathered at beat meetings or from other members of the community, the Court Advocacy Subcommittees, working with the Police Department, identify and track cases of interest to the community. Cases can range from violent crimes, such as murder or rape, to "quality of life" cases, such as drug dealing and public drinking, abandoned buildings and negligent landlords, and problem liquor establishments. Volunteers then attend court dates associated with those cases.

First, volunteers provide support for victims and witnesses who may be hesitant to testify in court. The presence of Court Advocacy volunteers from their community can make the difference in whether a victim or witness decides to appear in court.

Second, the presence of Court Advocacy volunteers sends a strong message to the defendant, the judge and all other interested parties in the criminal justice system: the community cares about the outcome of these cases and is willing to devote its time and energies to monitoring the workings of the judicial system.

Work with other community volunteers tracking court cases and attending judicial hearings. Court advocacy is a way to show support for victims and solidarity against crime in your community. 

For information about Court Advocacy, call 312-747-9973 or contact the Community Policing Office in your district.